About Us

About Us

We have a new generation of Auto Technicians who are highly trained & kept up to date with the new technology we are constantly being presented with. You benefit from over 50 years combined mechanical experience covering most makes and models, and they will always show you & your vehicle the respect you deserve.
Garry’s Mechanical Repairs is a local business who has been servicing the Caboolture region since 1998. We pride ourselves on doing what is best for our customers whilst using quality parts and workmanship. Safety is our highest concern, so let us help keep you and your vehicle safe.
A continuous stream of devoted customers, being served by a dynamic, Leading professional service team.
Our mission is to earn the loyalty of present and future customers and to help members of our community stay safe on our roads by providing friendly service, delivering quality workmanship whilst using quality products & committing to make safety the highest concern.




Individual approach and greater attention to each client. Innovation policy of servicing cars. Optimized service programs, affordable prices. We use exclusively professional diagnostic equipment and have many years of experience working with it.
We offer lower prices for services and spare parts than branded stations. We use information databases of European, Japanese and Korean car manufacturers for car repairs. We offer new car servicing. In its basis is an individual approach and cost optimization for our clients.


Qualified Automotive Mechanic since 1990
Approved Examiner : LV up to 4.2t, MC & LT up to 3.5T. Approved ARC Refrigerant Handling & Modification Accredited


1st Year Automotive Apprentice


Reception & Admin
Our friendly faces behind our counter & voices over the phone


The automotive industry is constantly in a state of change. Every year, awesome new vehicles with new never-before-seen features are released. And with all the recent rapid advancements in tech, these changes are happening more dramatically than they ever have before. This being said, access to quality trained & updated technicians is NOW more important than ever.
Russel continues attending training classes throughout each year, as new advancements in technology changing once fairly simple cars into rolling computers. These changes in technology will only continue as engineers refine technology surrounding automation, collision warning systems, alternative fuel and power and more.
Over time, rules and regulations regarding automotive safety and pollution have changed and evolved. With more emphasis than ever being put on cleaner vehicles, with more changes may come different regulations for how vehicles are maintained, inspected, and repaired. As new best practices are adopted, professional Auto Technicians will need to adjust their previous knowledge to learn new standards. Not only will they need this new training to properly repair vehicles, but also to properly educate customers about making sure their cars are legal and operating according to regulation.