Mechanical Services & Repairs

At Garrys Mechanic repairs, we have years of customer service and professional experience performing mechanical services under the belt of each crew member. Working on cars and bikes comes natural to each member of our team, making it easier for you to get serviced. Make sure to check out our services is you want your car to stay awesome! Check out our range of high quality mechanic services.

Servicing Tips

Why regular car servicing is a must. If you don’t want your next car service to be an expensive visit,

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Towbar & Accessories

A Good Quality Tow Bar Gives Freedom & Flexibility on the Road Whether you need a tow bar installation or

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How To Sessions – FREE

Do you know where to find your car jack & spare wheel? Learn car essentials with Garry’s Mechanical Repairs. Whether

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iDRIVE Throttle Controller Supply & Installation

iDRIVE Throttle Controller reduces throttle lag improving engine responsiveness The iDRIVE Throttle Controller is equipped with a very intuitive display and

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RWC, Safety Certificate – Car, Bike & Trailer

RWC / Safety Certificates are required when you’re selling your car or you’re transferring to a Queensland car registration. Garry’s

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Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection

At Garry’s Mechanical Repairs we’re committed to helping Queenslanders keep safe on the road. We’re skilled in checking out all

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Scan Tool diagnostics

Garry’s Mechanical Repairs have a passion for Professional Diagnostics. With decades of knowledge and the latest technology in car diagnostic

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DPF Service & Diagnostics

Garry’s Mechanical Repairs technicians are trained in DPF Diagnostics & Servicing. You can visit Garry’s Mechanical Repairs for a Diesel

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