Light & Trailer Service

Trailer Services are important.

Many people tend to neglect to think about getting their trailers serviced. But regardless of if you use it every once in a while or everyday. It is essential that you continue to get your trailer serviced.

The most common failure seen with trailers is worn bearings. Worn bearings can cause an entire wheel from your trailed to come loose and fall off, which often happens at high speeds on the highway and potentially leading to some type of traffic accident.

It is important that your bearings are well maintained and lubricated. Poor or lack of lubrication can cause your trailer bearings to product a large amount of excess heat. This heat can damage your wheels, axles, and bearings.

Therefore, as the owner of the vehicle, it is extremely important that you regularly maintain your trailer services & repairs throughout the year (or every 10,000km’s). A good guide on when you should book a trailer servicing is approximately every 10,00km’s or once a year if you use your trailer frequently.

It is also a good idea to book in your trailer for a service if you are starting to notice any wear and tear that could potentially put you and other drivers on the road in harms way.

  • Bearings: Inspect for excessive play and grease
  • Tyres: Check for wear, deterioration, and punctures
  • Winch and Jockey Wheel: Inspect and grease
  • Rollers: Inspect and report
  • Fittings and Fixtures: Inspect and report
  • Axle and Suspension: Inspect and report
  • Lights: Test for operation. Inspect lights, trailer connector and wiring

At Garry’s Mechanical Repairs, Safety is our highest concern, so let us help keep you and your vehicle safe.

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