DPF Service & Diagnostics

Garry’s Mechanical Repairs technicians are trained in DPF Diagnostics & Servicing.

The DPF is a filter that requires regular maintenance and correct diagnosis. The car will perform correctly when being driven adequately and serviced correctly by a knowledgeable automotive tradesperson.


You can avoid costly repairs by cleaning your DPF every 100,000KM to 200,000KM (upon service applications).

Extend the life of your DPF and your engine and save the replacement cost. As the ash left in DPF filter cells will get harder to remove, this results in cracking and other damage. You can visit Garry’s Mechanical Repairs for regular cleaning. We are ready to help maximizing the overall lifespan of the filter as soot and ash collected can damage or destroy the DPF.

  • Improve efficiency and fuel economy – When DPF’s are clean, they can perform at high efficiency.
  • Avoid unscheduled downtime – Over time, ash and soot left in the DPF are able to cause damage, reduce engine efficiency & become more fuel consuming.


It is against the law to remove or modify the DPF in any vehicle in Australia. This can incur EPA fines, voiding of Insurance Policies in the event of an accident, as well as engine shutdown due to ECU malfunction.