Log Book Service

At Garry's Mechanical Repairs, we're passionate about vehicle safety. As specialists, we know the importance of regular, preventative maintenance.

At Garry’s Mechanical Repairs, we’re passionate about vehicle safety. As specialists, we know the importance of regular, preventative maintenance.
Garry’s Mechanical Repairs service all makes and models, new or old, including vehicle manufacturers recommended Log Book Servicing.
We are very aware that your new car is important to you. Garry’s Mechanical is able to safely carry out all new car log book service work while maintaining your new car warranty. We only use quality parts from reputable suppliers.
As a consumer, you have the right to have your new car serviced by whomever you choose, without that choice affecting the seller’s statutory warranty obligations.
Our work is carried out by fully qualified, expert staff and according to the manufacturer’s specifications, and YES WE CAN and WILL stamp your log book.

The top 10 reasons why regular servicing can save you in the long run :

1. Extends engine life and performance
2. Helps reduce fuel consumption
3. Avoids unnecessary wear through lubrication of moving parts
4. Helps prevent costly breakdowns
5. For safety, brakes need regular inspection
6. Reduces the potential for damage and failure of major components
7. Checks the roadworthiness of lights and other controls
8. Regular check of tyre pressures and condition helps to reduce excessive wear and avoid premature failure
9. Reduces the risk of accident through regular inspection of critical safety items
10. Improves the resale value of your car with documented, regular service history

With every service we carry out, in addition we perform an engine oil flush & include a fuel treatment. We not only check all fluid levels, we TEST brake fluid and coolant for quality and carry out an electronic battery condition check. Included is a 72point safety check where we honestly advise you and provide a written report of any further work that may be required. The 72point safety check allows us to help keep you and your vehicle safe.

From Safety Inspections through to engine management, we have the equipment and expertise to service & repair your vehicle.

Your car is made up of a series of complex systems, each requiring expert care and attention. That’s why we offer customers a range of Specialist Services designed to maintain your vehicle in peak condition:

Engine Flush

Sludge and other deposits build up in your engine over time, affecting engine performance and fuel economy. Some newer engines also have very fine galleries which can block up very easily if maintained. Our Engine Flush is designed to remove sludge and other harmful deposits, helping your engine run freely and more efficiently.

Power Steering Flush

The steering system contains many complex hydraulic components. Dirty power steering fluid can affect the performance of your steering system; it can also cause costly damage if neglected.
Our Power Steering Flush is designed to remove contaminants and refill the system with new fluid, helping power steering to move freely and maintain feel and accuracy while driving.
Specialty conditioning treatment is added to help maintain steering fluid condition.

Transmission Flush

Like your engine, the automatic transmission is a vital and complex system that needs regular maintenance to perform smooth gear changes. Dirty transmission fluid or overheating engines can affect the performance of your transmission and cause costly damage if not rectified quickly.
Our Transmission Flush is designed to remove contaminants and refill the transmission with new fluid. Specialty conditioning treatment is added to help smooth gear changes and maximise the service life of the transmission.