Benefits of Vehicle Suspension Upgrades and Where to Take Your Car in Caboolture

Benefits of Vehicle Suspension Upgrades and Where to Take Your Car in Caboolture

Most modern vehicles are made with suspensions designed to ensure proper performance under various conditions. Vehicle manufacturers create cars and trucks to suit a range of needs and to satisfy customers’ expectations safely and effectively. Price is also an important factor, whether the manufacturer is making economy or luxury vehicles. However, your specific needs and budget may not align with a car maker’s vision for a specific model. In this situation, vehicle suspension upgrades in Caboolture can be the ideal solution. There are many aftermarket kits and parts available, so speak with your mechanic about the best choice for your vehicle. Here are some of the options.


Changing your tyres can have a surprising impact on the way your car rides and handles. That’s because they have a significant impact on your vehicle’s suspension. Some tyres offer dry grip, others perform exceptionally well in cold weather, and still others are designed to provide a quieter and more comfortable ride or better fuel economy. 


Most people choose wheels based on aesthetic reasons, unlike tyres. In theory, a larger wheel and tyre with a lower profile should improve handling. However, this effect is typically negligible. You can find aftermarket wheels that can provide weight enhancements, but these are often heavier – not lighter than stock. 

Camber kits

If you have fitted aftermarket wheels with greater offset, meaning that the tyres extend outward from the car, you may find that your camber is negatively affected – your wheels may be tilted too far in or out. A camber kit can help establish proper alignment. 

Shock absorbers

Aftermarket shock absorbers can improve handling at higher speeds, particularly for trucks and SUVs and on rocky or bumpy terrain. Some of these products are adjustable, allowing owners to tweak them to suit their preferences. Usually, adjustments require making changes underneath the vehicle (such as turning a dial), but some are easily adjustable from the cockpit. High-quality aftermarket shock absorbers can be more durable than stock, offering considerable benefits for off-road trucks. 

Joints and bushings

Trading out stiff nylon bushings for softer rubber ones can minimise the friction between suspension parts, leading to better handling. However, this process can also result in more vibration and harshness on the road. 

Sway bars

Switching to a thicker sway bar, often along with stiffer bushings, can improve the way a car handles by making it less likely to move toward the outside when turning. You can also match the front and rear sway bars to help keep your vehicle from oversteering or understeering. The downside here is the potential for a less comfortable ride and difficult road-holding in rough conditions. 

Car suspension upgrades in Caboolture at Garry’s Mechanical Repairs

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