What You Need to Know about Car GVM Upgrades in Caboolture

What You Need to Know about Car GVM Upgrades in Caboolture

It’s important to understand GVM upgrades in Caboolture to help you remain safe on the roads and guarantee that you meet all regulations. GVM (gross vehicle mass) is the highest weight permitted for a fully-loaded vehicle. The manufacturer specifies your vehicle’s GVM and the law requires you to uphold it. A few aspects to keep in mind about GVM upgrades are: 

What car GVM upgrades in Caboolture involve

If you’re interested in a GVM upgrade, it’s essential to ensure that your axles and brakes are in excellent condition. That means having a qualified professional check the unique axle weights and compliance plate on your car before completing any modifications. Remember that the entirety of the axle weights themselves may be more than the permitted GVM. As a rule of thumb, we suggest suspension upgrades for load limit increases of less than 10%. If you need more of an update than this, you may require a GVM upgrade kit. 

Maximum GVM

GVMs tend to be low in today’s vehicles, and it’s easy to reach or surpass the limit with toolboxes, and a few adults in transit. Because it can be surprisingly simple to reach your maximum GVM, you must be cognisant of the limit and the amount of weight you are moving in the vehicle. A GVM upgrade is a great way to avoid surpassing the limit and prevent fines and safety hazards. 

Car modification certificates

Another thing to keep in mind is that to meet regulations, your vehicle must remain in its upgraded condition. Meaning that, for example, your rims are required to remain rated for the higher GVM. The modifications you can have done to your vehicle include those that meet the requirements for a modification plate in Queensland only or one that you can use in other states. You will also be required to have a QLD Transport Certified Engineers Letter. GVM upgrades are only approved for new vehicles by the Federal Department of Infrastructure and Transport. 

Vehicle safety

If you don’t upgrade your GVM, you risk driving an unsafe vehicle. If your car reaches its maximum GVM, your ability to safely manoeuvre the vehicle and its overall stability is reduced. A GVM upgrade can deliver improvements to the way your vehicle functions from its handling to its towing stability and carrying capacity. 

Where to go in Caboolture for GVM upgrades

Knowing the rules in your state can help you avoid unnecessary safety risks or fines. For more information, contact Garry’s Mechanical Repairs. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and we are qualified to complete your GVM upgrades safely and correctly. Since 1998, we have been serving the Caboolture area with quality workmanship and honest, reliable professionals. If your car, like so many newer cars, came with a minimal GVM, we can upgrade it to allow you to carry more weight and tow safely and legally while being covered by insurance. Contact Garry’s Mechanical Repairs today.