Our Jet Ski Mechanic in Caboolture Will Help Keep You Having Fun

Our Jet Ski Mechanic in Caboolture Will Help Keep You Having Fun

Garry’s Mechanical Repairs wants to help ensure you get the most out of your jet ski this summer by keeping it running in tiptop condition. In Caboolture, our jet ski mechanic can perform general maintenance or repairs to get you back on the water fast.

Your owner’s manual will tell you what types of services are required and when they should be done to have trouble-free fun on the water. However, we can suggest a few tips to keep you enjoying your watercraft.

Firstly, you should be careful about fuelling up your jet ski because different models have different types of engines. Older models may have a 2-stroke engine that requires the gasoline to be premixed with the oil. New engines are probably 4-stroke and have separate reservoirs for fuel and oil like your car.

Before heading out on the water, inspect your jet ski for loose parts and wires. If you find anything that gives you pause, we can look it over and make needed repairs. A loose component can completely break off and cause injury or a broken wire can you leave you stranded.

If you are in Caboolture and need jet ski repair contact Garry’s Mechanical Repairs and our qualified technicians will have you enjoying summer fun in no time. When winter comes to Caboolture, our jet ski mechanic can prepare you watercraft for the off-season for an easy start to the next summer.