RWC, Safety Certificate – Car, Bike & Trailer

RWC / Safety Certificates are required when you’re selling your car or you’re transferring to a Queensland car registration.

Garry’s Mechanical Repairs is a licensed roadworthy vehicle inspection station providing RWC & Safety Certificates by with licensed Inspectors. So, when you need a roadworthy inspection, we can inspect your vehicle and provide a quote to rectify any faults that may be required.

While performance and reliability are important, your personal and family safety is essential. That’s why Garry’s Mechanical Repairs perform vital monitoring and safety checks on every car we inspect.
The assurance of knowing is priceless. By having our qualified technicians check your vehicle for essential safety elements, you can be sure that the tyre pressure and tread will not see you have a blow-out on the highway. Nor will the engine oil cause a ceasing of your vehicle since all these aspects of the basic running of your car are thoroughly and professionally inspected with a written report.

Get your RWC Today at Garry’s Mechanical Repairs. Get in Touch with a member of our team and get yours today.