iDRIVE Throttle Controller Supply & Installation

iDRIVE Throttle Controller reduces throttle lag improving engine responsiveness

The iDRIVE Throttle Controller is equipped with a very intuitive display and settings menu making it easy to use. Everybody drives their car differently, which is why the controller comes with 4 different setting for different driving styles & conditions.

Gain total control over your vehicles throttle sensitivity levels. The vehicles fly-by-wire accelerator to wakes it up, notice a difference in how fast you accelerate without any lag or laziness.

Standard fly by the wire accelerator systems only come with two options. Firstly, one is used to measure how hard you press the accelerator pedal.

Additionally, The other option is to measure how far in you have pushed the pedal. The iDRIVE comes with addition settings including AC Mode. In AC mode your controlled can determine all these measures for you and automatically chooses & adjust the response time to suite.

The iDrives main purpose is reducing the accelerator response making it the perfect addition to your vehicle. Therefore, The controller is a brilliant too for Learners & First Time Drivers as it reduces and slows the throttles response time.

At Garry’s Mechanical Repairs, our team can supply & install your throttle controller. Our experienced and qualified Caboolture mechanics will help you choose the best controller for your vehicle and install it on site. With the goal of making car servicing easy and a passion for automotive safety.

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