Fuel prices are always a hot topic, along with “THE GREAT ETHANOL DEBATE” and we are asked for information regularly for both petrol and diesel.

Without getting into the science behind the different fuels and blends, there are things to consider when making your fuel choice.

  1. Was your vehicle designed to run on ethanol? Check the government website
  2. Do you notice any different noises from the engine after using this fuel?
  3. Have you noticed a drop in performance since using this fuel?
  4. Does your diesel engine rattle more since changing fuel?
  5. Has your engine light started showing?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I would stop using that particular fuel.

We cannot tell you what is the best fuel to use for your car, but your car can tell you what it likes.

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We suggest that you try fuel from various suppliers and also try their range (E10, 91,95,98) or if diesel try the premium and standard/truck diesel.

Here is how we suggest you get your car to tell you

  1. Fill your tank with the fuel of your choice.
  2. Record the cost per litre and how many litres (or even keep the receipt)
  3. Reset the trip meter in your car (if you aren’t sure how to, pop in and we will help)
  4. Drive until the tank gets low.
  5. Record the mileage, litres and what fuel.
  6. Fill your tank with the next fuel you want to test.
  7. Reset the trip meter and start the test again.
  8. Try different brands/suppliers.
  9. Repeat the test and record all your findings.

Once you have finished your testing, grab a coffee and a calculator.

You will soon find out what is better for your car and wallet, work out dollars/kilometre, here is what you need to do

  1. Divide the number of kilometres by the amount of fuel in litres, this will give you how many kilometres per litre (eg 400km/40litres = 10km/lt).
  2. Divide the dollars per litre by the kilometres per litre (eg $1.25/10km =$0.125 per kilometre).
  3. Do this for each fuel/supplier that you tried.

You may find it is actually cheaper to use a more expensive fuel from the pump as you travel further on it.

Not only will you save money on fuel, you will get the most life out of spark plugs, exhaust components and sensors, as well as your engine oil.

There are some factors that can affect the tests, such as wind, road surface, tyre pressure, engine tune, dirty injectors and intake systems. We can help control some of these.

  1. On and off car injection cleaning for diesel and petrol.
  2. Intake systems cleaning to remove the carbon or sludge build up in your engine.
  3. Servicing, oil flushing and tuning.
  4. Tyre pressures, call in and one of the team will adjust your vehicles tyre pressure to suit, pop in once a month.

Please give the test a try, we are positive this will save you money and your car will love you for it. You will be surprised.

Happy Motoring

Graham and the team at Garry’s Mechanical Repairs.

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